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What to Expect



Our goal is for you to feel welcome and loved. We offer worship that blends older traditions with new elements, creating a service that people from all generations and various backgrounds can appreciate. Above all, we want to teach you about Jesus' love for ALL people, and show you how to apply His love to your everyday life. We hope you'll join us on this journey.



Our main parking lot is located on the East side of the education building accessible from Harney Street.  Handicapped accessible parking is available in our East lot with same-level access from the education to the sanctuary.  We also have parking available on the West side of the sanctuary accessible from 12th street and curbside on Gibbon, Harney and 12th Streets.


Clothes. That’s the only thing we ask. Wear anything you are comfortable in.  Some of our folk come in jeans and t-shirts; others wear suits and ties or dresses. Our pastors usually dress somewhere in between.  So come as you are. We look forward to worshipping with you.

THE LORD'S SUPPER (Holy Communion)

We celebrate the Lord's Supper (the sacrament of holy communion) in all services practically every week.  We practice "open communion" which means all are invited to receive the sacrament regardless of religious affiliation.  As is the custom of United Methodist Churches, we serve unfermented grape juice in the place of wine out of respect for those who struggle with alcohol addiction.  There is no obligation, but if you wish to be closer to God, we invite you to come and experience the presence of Christ Jesus in these elements of bread and "wine" and the fellowship we share.


We not only like to worship together; we like to share food together too.  Following our service, we have coffee and usually a few goodies to share as we share in fellowship.  


A nursery staffed by at least 2 trained and paid personnel is provided from 8:45 a.m. until after service and fellowship time concludes.  Children of all ages are always welcome in our worship services any time.

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