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JAM Frequently Asked Questions

What is JAM? 

- JAM is the new children and youth ministry at UMC based on the LOGOS model. 

What will JAM focus on? 

- JAM will focus on authentic Christian relationships in a 4 part ministry context. 

What does JAM mean? 

- JAM stands for Jesus And Me. 

When will we do JAM? 

- JAM will meet on Sunday afternoon/evenings. The timing of JAM will be determined by the JAM Board. 

When will JAM start? 

- JAM will begin at UMC on Sunday, September 9th. 

What is the JAM Board? 

- There is a great deal of work to be done in the next several months. The Christian Ed Committee has delegated the many “Hows” of JAM to a JAM Board that will meet regularly to answer the questions that will surround how we do JAM at UMC. 

Who is on the JAM Board? 

- The JAM Board is still being formed and currently includes Pastor Eric, Jason Harshberger, and Beth Bear. If you feel called to be on the JAM Board, please contact a Board member! 

What are the 4 parts of JAM? 

- The 4 parts are Bible Study, Worship Skills, Recreation Play and Family Time.


What is Bible Study? 

- Bible study is a time for children and youth to study the bible through reading and activities and to reflect on how the lessons learned relate to their lives. 

What is Worship Skills? 

- During Worship Skills, children and youth learn and practice skills we use in worship such as bells, chimes, singing, and reciting or acting out scripture. They then have regular opportunities throughout the JAM year to share these skills with the congregation during a worship service. 

What is Recreation Play? 

- Rec Play is all about children and youth having fun at the expense of no one else! While there are games played the focus is on fun and building relationships, and not on competition. 

What is Family Time? 

- Family Time is a shared meal where children and youth gather with others of various ages and adults (“table parents”) to eat together, serve one another, and fellowship. 

Why should we do all 4 parts? 

- For the past 50+ years, it has been found that the best way to lead children and youth into a relationship with Jesus Christ, is to provide this 4 part context every single time. In these 4 parts, JAM participants are able to learn and practice what it means to be a Christian. 

Is there a fee for JAM? 

- Registration costs are $110 for the first child, $100 for the second child, $90 for the third child, and the 4th or more children are no additional cost. Fees go to pay for all JAM activities and dinner each JAM night. Payment can be made in check or cash at the parent meeting in late-August. Scholarships and payment plans are available and all children are welcome at JAM regardless of ability to pay fees. 

What age is JAM for? 

- JAM will likely be offered for Kindergarten through Seniors in high school, however that will be fully determined by the JAM Board. 

Does a family have to be a member to participate? 

- No!! One of the amazing things about JAM is that it can quickly become an incredible evangelism tool for our church. A child is never turned away because they or their family are not members of the church. One of the key pieces of JAM is that every person is a Child of God!! 

Why do JAM? 

- We are doing JAM because we believe God is calling us to this time and opportunity to make an even bigger impact for the sake of the gospel in the lives of our children and youth.


How do I get involved? 

- There is a place for you at JAM! This will take everyone working together and there is a need for you and your unique ability at JAM! If you are interested, please contact the JAM Board to discuss where you might be called to serve. 

What if I don’t want to work with kids? 

- No problem!. Although JAM is a youth ministry, there are many ways to serve that don't involve working with kids. You can help cook meals, bake dessert, or help with check-in. There is a place for you at JAM! 

What happens if it doesn’t work? 

- If JAM doesn’t work we will celebrate that we tried something new and learned a lot from it. As one person wrote, “The church needs more people afraid of missing opportunities than making mistakes!” 

What happens if it does work? 

- We will celebrate the way God is working at UMC and the incredible hard work of everyone who helped make JAM a success. We will see the positive transformation it makes in the lives of the church and the congregation! 

Is JAM based on Scripture? 

It is indeed! In Acts 2:42 it appears that the early church was doing this ministry! “They devoted themselves to the Apostles teachings (Bible study), fellowship (Recreation Play), breaking of bread (Family Time) and prayers (Worship Skills)”. 

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