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We work in cooperation with a variety of churches, groups and agencies in the Laramie area to provide assistance for those most in need.  By providing financial support, other resources, and volunteers we help enable these ministries to help as many as possible.

Laramie Soup Kitchen (housed in undercroft of St. Matthew's Cathedral, 3rd & Ivinson) - lunches are served Monday through Saturday 11:30am to 1 pm.

In addition, each month our

"loose change offering" (the

coins we receive) go to

various charities and

organizations in our

community and globally. 

As a church, we do not have monetary funds on hand to help people immediately, however we do have an application process to help get monetary funds for people in need.

Interfaith-Good Samaritan of Laramie, 710 E. Garfield St., Room 127 - provides a wide variety of help including food, financial assistance, and short-term housing aid.

Local Missions

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